Bouillon Racine
Le RDC du Bouillon Racine
Welcome to the au Bouillon Racine

Welcome to the Bouillon Racine, famous brasserie created in 1906 in a stunning Art Nouveau decor.

Now listed as an historical monument, the Bouillon Racine offers an immersion in the Paris of the 1900's. Where food is concerned, the chef has selected a subtle blend of modern day and more traditional dishes.

With specialties like the suckling pig stuffed and spit roasted, boiled beef with vegetables, the risotto with scallops and shrimps, or the coffee from Liege, the waffle with crème brûlée with mapple syrup... The Bouillon Racine invites you for a journey through time and senses.

You can also reserve a room of the Bouillon Racine to organize a reception (wedding, family reception, business dinners...).